What Does DSL Mean On a Router

How much it would cost you to buy an internet package. The answer to this question depends upon the types of connection you want to use, the speed you want and the nature of your work and how much your business depends upon internet connectivity. After careful consideration, you will be able to decide which one to use. Now a day, where companies are offering DSL – Digital Subscriber Line network services at very economical prices. But before going into details, it is mandatory to explain the word DSL. What DSL stands for? In simple and layman style, we can define DSL as a channel or medium to transfer data over the same telephone lines as we have in our homes. It uses the same copper wire but the downloading and uploading bandwidth is speedy. That is why it is quite popular with users.
DSL uses a telephone line and DSL modems. DSL is provided over the same line that you use for making and receiving calls from your friends, families, and others. A DSL modem is provided free of cost mostly from DSL internet providers. A DSL modem is a device that connects a router or computer with the telephone line. A modem must have sockets for a telephone line and power cord. You will find plenty of modems with 8 sockets and 16 sockets. These sockets allow wired connections to other computers. Now a day, Wi-Fi DSL modems are available which allows wireless internet access over laptops, mobile phones and on your tablets.

DSL Modem allows internet connectivity continuously and you can make and receive calls without disconnecting the telephone line.Net gear, Huawei, Xentrix, Motorola, D-Link, Siemens, AT&T, Actiontec, 2Wire, CISCO, Aztech, T-Com, Alice, Speed port and Arcor is the most popular DSL modems in the market.

What Does DSL Mean On a Router?

Now a day, technology has put together router and modem into a combined DSL modem. You do not need to buy each device separately. Just buy the DSL modem and connect your telephone line with it. That is all; your ISP will help you in setting out configuration. Your ISP will provide you user name and password which you are required to put in the administration panel of your modem. You can access your DSL modem configuration panel by typing or in your browser’s address bar. When you will enter key, a dialog box will ask you to enter the user name and password, simply enter admin in both fields. You will be presented with a nice panel with which navigation structure.

Usually, at the top, you will find DSL download and upload speed along with refresh and restart modem. You can click the refresh button to see how your net speed is going on. If due to some reasons, you are unable to browse websites, you should click the restart button. The modem will shut down and restart itself and you will find that internet in now working. Most of the time, restarting solves the issues. If this does not help, then call or contact your ISP. They will help you with running the internet quickly.

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